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Donation Amount:
$100 USD
$250 USD
$500 USD
$29 USD

Also known as Knowledge Propagation to present Islamic Spiritual teachings to the general public.  Donations will go towards

  • Shaykh.AI (New*)
  • Book Publishing
  • Computer Equipment
  • App Development
  • Film, TV Show, Media Studio
  • Website Maintenance
  • Hosting Servers
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • and more ...

Your call to help spread the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him) and become a shareholder in these noble deeds is both inspiring and commendable. These efforts can potentially touch the hearts of many and make a positive impact. Here's a breakdown of how each area of donation can contribute to your mission:

Shaykh.AI: Our new software service to assist individuals in need of spiritual and religious advice.  Your donations will help cover the server costs as well as the development of new AI tools such as AI generated email responses.

Book Publishing: Publishing books about the life, teachings, and character of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him) can educate and inspire people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of his message.

Computer Equipment: Modern technology is a powerful tool for reaching a global audience. Computer equipment can support the creation of multimedia content, websites, and apps to convey the teachings of the Prophet effectively.

App Development: Mobile apps can make the teachings and stories of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ more accessible to people around the world, enabling easy access to valuable information and resources.

Film, TV Show, Media Studio: Visual and media content, such as films and TV shows, can be a compelling way to share the Prophet's life and message. A media studio can produce high-quality content for a broad audience.

Website Maintenance: A well-maintained website is a hub for information, resources, and community engagement. It's a platform for people to learn about Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and connect with like-minded individuals.

Hosting Servers: Reliable hosting servers are crucial for ensuring that online resources are available to people 24/7, regardless of their location. This accessibility is essential for reaching a global audience.

Graphic Design: Effective graphic design enhances the visual appeal of content, making it more engaging and memorable. It can help convey the beauty of the message effectively.

Social Media Marketing: Social media is a powerful tool for sharing messages. Effective marketing strategies help your organization's content reach a broader and more diverse audience.

By contributing to these areas, you are supporting the dissemination of the teachings and love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, which has the potential to bring about positive change in the lives of many. It's a beautiful way to ensure that his message continues to inspire, guide, and bring hope to people across the globe. Your generous donations can genuinely make a difference in fulfilling this mission.