Muharram Clean Water Project - Donate Today Muharram Clean Water Project - Donate Today

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Interested In Volunteering?

Read the following guide to get started:

Step 1:

Please obtain FZHH shirts so that volunteers and students are identifiable with the charity and Tariqa.

The shirts can be obtained via the following link: FZHH Volunteer Long Sleeve Shirt | Sufi Meditation Center store (

Step 2:

Approach food retailers and ask them to donate any unsold foods they would otherwise discard. Building a relationship with the food manager is great way to sustain a steady flow of food supply. Volunteers can start by contacting:

  • Big Box Food Retailers [COSTCO, Walmart, Tesco…]
  • Local grocers [Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons…]
  • Bakeries, Coffee shops and Restaurants
  • Hotels [catering event surplus]

The last page within this Starter Guide contains a letter template that Volunteers are highly encouraged to use for communicating the objective of the charity to prospective food retailers in a standardized manner. Simply edit the yellow highlighted fields in accordance with your region/prospects.

Step 3:

Distribute the rescued foods to local homeless shelters, food pantries, community women & children centers or underprivileged schools.

Step 4:

Document your service with Photos! Please take pictures of the process. Please be respectful when taking pictures of those whom you are serving. Send your photos to: 


Download Guide (pdf)