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Qurban Meat Distribution on Nisf-e-Shaban - PK

Qurban Meat Distribution on Nisf-e-Shaban - PK

On 03/28/21 and to honor the Blessed Night of Nisf-e-Shaban, FZHH volunteers personally distributed 125kg of Holy Qurban meat to 8 different Orphanages in Pakistan.

Thanks to your generous donations the below 8 Orphanages have benefited from this distribution event:

  1. Seek Shelter Home
  2. Kashana
  3. Dar ul Ahsas
  4. Janatul Firdos Trust
  5. Esra
  6. Anjamane Sulemania Orphanage
  7. Bilqees Edhi Home
  8. Mera Ghar Orphanage


Thank you to all whom supported and volunteered ?.

Please take this opportunity to partake in these immense blessings by supporting the ongoing projects of FZHH. Every little bit helps.

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