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Nairobi, Kenya - Participating in Holy Qurbani Program & Mobile Food Rescue Program by Processing, Packaging & Distributing Holy Qurbani Meat from 104 Holy Qurbans to 450+ Less Privileged Families

Nairobi, Kenya - Participating in Holy Qurbani Program & Mobile Food Rescue Program by Processing, Packaging & Distributing Holy Qurbani Meat from 104 Holy Qurbans to 450+ Less Privileged Families

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

🌹For the poorest, many are forced to go without meat in their daily lives. But with your generous qurbani donation, we are able to alleviate this shortfall for many in need. On behalf of donors like you, Fatima Zahra Helping Hand (FZHH) prepares and distributes thousands of pounds of fresh meat to deprived communities around the world🌹

🌹Giving Charity for the Love of the Deceased 🌹

al Hamdulillah under the blessed guidance of Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi, FZHH & its Nairobi, Kenya volunteers participated in our Holy Qurbani Program & Mobile Food Rescue Program by processing, packaging & distributing Holy Qurbani Meat from 104 Holy Qurbans to 450+ less privileged families.

MashAllah with Shaykh Nurjan's blessings, Holy Qurbans used for this event are on behalf of:

  • 3 Holy Qurbans for Sayidina Muhammad Saw
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Golden Chain Shaykhs
  • 1 Holy Qurban for 12 Imaams
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Imaam Ali A.S
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Imaam Mahdi A.S
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Ummah of Prophet Saw
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Fatima Zahra A.S
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mohammed Yasin Kashtwari
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Nahida Masoodi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Ghulam Hussain Kashtwari
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mehbooba Bano
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Ghulam Mohammad Masoodi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Haseena Masoodi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Taufeeq Kashtwari
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Tauseef Kashtwari
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Hassan Kashtwari
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Rakhshan Buch
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Gazala Jan
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mehmooda Sheikh
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mina Sheikh
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Arshad Zargar
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Sidi Haddaoui
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Khoisan Khan
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Areeb Beigh
  • 2 Holy Qurbans for Snezana Sheikh
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Shabana Liu
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Abdulhamid Alsheikh Omar
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Shahzad Chaudhri
  • 4 Holy Qurbans for Shakir Ahli Family
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Munawar Khan
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Vahab Malik
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Junaid Khan
  • 2 Holy Qurbans for Arzu Ati
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Zaahira Tiry
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Dr. Shenaz Shahban Najafy
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Syed Ali
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Suby Annu
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Don-Thierry Fenelon
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Irfan Asghar
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Ibrahim AL Timmimi
  • 2 Holy Qurbans for Nadia Aslam
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Hassan Islam
  • 3 Holy Qurbans for Rizwan Hussain
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Nadia Karmas
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Ahsan Khan
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Shukwant Sahni
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Michael Senckowski
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Jesse Jones
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Koko Afandjigla
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Omar Khalil
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mariam Mahmood
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Assiyia Ali
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Muhtashim Murtza
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Ihtishaam Yasar
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mudassar Sandozi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Jérémie Zabsonre
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Nadia Rafiq
  • 6 Holy Qurbans for Fardin Raoufi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Abdul Qayyum
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Farah Liza Huseinagic
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mina Parhis
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Nassim Bogsara
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Mohammad Javid
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Saleem Ahmed
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Samir Iejad
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Deqa Elmi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Nazia Khan
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Sema Altuntas
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Habib Barye
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Sarah Amena Civgin
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Jérémie Zabsonre
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Bibi Saadiyah Mullungmeeah
  • 2 Holy Qurbans for M Salman
  • 1 Holy Qurban for GHASSAN GHANNOUM
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Amina Benhima
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Jasmine Mackay
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Irfan Mahammed
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Arzu Atis
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Kulsum Bibi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Jahan Mahmoodi
  • 3 Holy Qurbans for Jahan Mahmoodi
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Edon Aliu
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Shazia Ali
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Ana Maria Nada Draisug
  • 1 Holy Qurban for Shefqet Mirofci

      MashAllah with Shaykh Nurjan's blessings, this distribution is dedicated to:

      • 🌹Holy Blessed Day of Eid al-Adha🌹
      • 🌹Holy Blessed Day of Yawumul ‘Arafah - Day of ‘Arafat🌹
      • 🌹Holy Marriage of Sayyidina Imam Ali عَلَیهِ‌السَّلام & Sayyadatina Bibi Fatima az-Zahra عَلَیهِ‌السَّلام - Beloved Companion & Son in Law of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ & Beloved Daughter of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ🌹
      • 🌹Holy Blessed Teachings & Holy Family of Beloved Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi ق ع🌹

      MashAllah with Shaykh Nurjan's blessings, distribution included

      • 104+ Holy Qurbans

      MashAllah with Shaykh Nurjan's blessings, distribution was made to:

      • 450+ Less Privileged Families

      Shokran to all the those whom donated and supported 🙏🏾

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