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Fatima Zahra Helping Hand (FZHH) was created by Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi from the Naqshbandi Vancouver Center to help those in need. As a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, we are guided by Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ noble example of showing endless love and support to those who are less fortunate. Together, with your generous contributions, we can create change and bring love, hope, and care to humanity around the world!

Our programs are designed to be accessible by anyone in need as we continue to expand our projects worldwide. However, we can only succeed with the financial contributions of people like you! All donations go directly to the purchase of food and supplies for each of our distribution events.

You will be rewarded with immense blessings while giving people in need the chance for a better life. Sponsor an event for yourself or on behalf of a loved one that is sick or has passed away. A regular monthly contribution of your choice will ensure we can continue our global outreach efforts.

Everyone has the right to live with dignity. Put your faith into action and donate today!